Saturday, August 27, 2011

No Hurricane, Just a Heck of a Lot of Rain

By the time Irene makes it to the Boston area, it will no longer be a Hurricane, but we're guaranteed to receive a ton of rain as a result of Irene. The first wave started about 1:30pm and it only took two hours to accumulate 1.5 inches. I'm a bit scared to see how much rain we'll get when the center passes west of us Sunday afternoon. The NWS only predicted 4-5 inches total for the western suburbs of Boston. But, if we get anywhere near 1/2 inch per hour for much of the 36 hours that Irene is affecting the area, we could easily exceed the 13.2 inches we got in the March 2010 floods. Before this storm started, we had already accumulated 5 inches of rain in August.

Update 8/29/11: We ended-up with only 3.77 inches of rain for the storm. Apparently that thunderstorm that hit early afternoon Saturday was unusual for even Irene.

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