Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My First Earthquake

No, no, no. I didn't cause an earthquake. :-)   I felt an earthquake for the first time---a few minutes ago, I felt the building moving. A short bit later, everyone on the floor was talking about how they felt the building moving too. Well, it turns out there was an earthquake at about the time we felt the building move, but it was near D.C. What?!?! Is that possible? My wife said she didn't feel anything. But, I'm sitting on the 10th story of a 10 story building. I didn't feel any shaking, only minor swaying. One of my colleagues says it's very possible since the waves are magnified the higher-up you are. Another colleague found a link to local seismic readings. The readings are off-the-charts (relative to what we normally feel here in Boston which is appx. nothing). Note that the earthquake occurred at 1:51pm and local readings spiked about 2.5 minutes later (red blob on right side below). I've included the image below since it may disappear after today.

Here's the wikipedia link.

Update (8/24/11): I discovered how to access a specific date in the archive and updated the above link to the seismogram

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