Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beware Google Chrome 13

I can't run Google Chrome on my work machine any more. Why, you ask? A few days ago, I noticed that a new Chrome stable was available. I had already updated at home so I downloaded the 64-bit deb and ran dpkg -i to install. To my surprise, it barfed-up a list of failed dependencies. No problem. I'll just go back to using Chrome 12, right? Wrong! dpkg overwrote my Chrome 12 install before it checked dependencies. Does anyone else see anything wrong with this?

Off I went in search of a Chrome 12 .deb package. After searching for a while and only managing to find an old Chrome 12 Windows package, I threw in the towel and switched to Firefox/Iceweasel. Boy do I miss Chrome. Why doesn't Google allow you to download old versions? I couldn't find a link anywhere. If anyone knows where I can find a 64-bit Debian Chrome 12 package, please let me know. It probably will only be a few more months before I can upgrade my machine to Debian stable (I'm currently stuck on oldstable which was current as of 6 months ago), but these will be a few months of painful web browsing.

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